Hawaii's best adult beach volleyball league.


1.  Balls and equipment will be provided by the ABVL, but players are also welcome to compete with their personal volleyballs.

2.  Leagues will consist of eight matches and a tournament.  League matches consist of two games with rally scoring capped at 25 points.
     With respect to playing time on the court, the second game will continue until sunset or until there is no longer enough light to compete.
     "Last Point" will be called and end score wil be recorded.  Please make the league director aware of a team running behind and warm up
     off of the court. 

3.  Warm ups are limited to five minutes.

4.  Games should take about 20 minutes.  Rest period between games is limited to 2 minutes. 

5.  Captains may ask for one switch when the first team reaches 15 points due to wind, light, etc., but no more than one switch.

6.  Both games count and are recorded.  If the second game is cut short due to time, points will be prorated. 
     Forfeits will result in a loss as well as a -10 point start the next match because a forfeit is unfair for a team that shows up on time       and
     ready to play.

7.  Let serves are live and not a fault.

8.  Captains record scores and may communicate concerns or comments to the League Director.

9.  Weather delays and holidays will be rescheduled as necessary.

10.  To stay up to date to weather cancellations check the facebook page, Aloha Beach Volleyball League.

11.  Forfeited matches are non-refundable and not rescheduled by ABVL.

12.  Please give the ABVL at least a six hour notice for cancellations as some people drive from far to compete.

13.  The ABVL encourages SUBS over FORFEITS.

14.  Team Captains are encouraged to find subs even for all team members if necessary: coed 4s, or 6s, respectfully.

15.  Aloha Beach Volleyball League is designed for the players first and foremost.  All violations should be handled in a respectful manner by the Team Captains.  Please redo the play if you choose to call your opponent for any first time violation when there is a disagreement.

16.  4 vs 4 matches: 2 females must be on the court at all times.

17. 6 vs 6 matches: 2 females must be on the court at all times.

18. Recreational: Players can register as a team or as individuals and be assigned a partner.

19. Open/Competitive:  Players register as a team.  If you are visiting Hawai'i and are an open player without a team, please contact us and we will do our best to place you on a team.

20. PLAYOFFS - Players must have played in at least three league dates in order to participate in the end of season playoffs.

Questions?  Please see our FAQ page.